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John Baker:
The Focus of Time Prophecy
The Blessings of the Test of Time
Chronological Threads — Ties together all the Bible Chronology genealogical threads and gap bridges into a complete Biblical timeline. Shows why this is superior to alternate views.

Wes Cramer:
Desolation This Day
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Ric Cunningham:
Why No Dates Part 2
The Seventy Years Desolation - The Scriptural Basis
Events In Time Part 1
Events In Time Part 2
Events In Time Part 3
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At the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses — Scriptural and historical confirmation for the period of the Judges, Kings and Seventy Years Desolation.

Richard Doctor:
Days Matter in Daniel and Revelation
Reformation leaders identify Antichrist as the Papacy and day for year prophetic method. Historical evidence verifies 454 BC as beginning of seventy weeks prophecy.
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel — Describes views on the 70 Weeks Prophecy and provides evidence it began in 454 BC, not 444 BC.

David Doran:
Are You Ready? — Consequences of making changes to the Bible Chronology
Because of the Angels — Christ is our authority, and he provided the Chronology
The Simple Basis of Our Chronology — Chronology based on the number 7 and 7,000 years

Bob Gray:
Polishing the Silver - Chronological Periods

Don Horein:
In Perspective — The harmony and beauty of the Bible Chronology

Peter Karavas:
The Period of the Judges — Proofs that it is 450 years long
Power Point presentation for The Period of the Judges foregoing
Earliest Church Fathers and Volume 2 Chronology — The Earliest Church Fathers were more in agreement with Volume 2 Chronology than any other chronology scheme.
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Jerry Leslie:
It's About Time
Chronology Lessons of the Great Pyramid
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The Seventy Years
The Seventy Years - The Historical Basis
Greater Than Cyrus — Establishing the historical accuracy of dating 536/7 BC as the 1st Year of King Cyrus over Israel.

Allen Springer:
Bible Chronology

Russ Marten:
Aligning History And Chronology — Egyptologists dismissive of Bible and off by centuries in establishing date of Exodus.

David Stein:
Some Perspectives on Chronology